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Posted on Jul 26, 2016 in Intercession | 0 comments

12th Anniversary of Perpetual Adoration at JY House Delhi

‘Deep thanks O Lord for this doesn’t seem like the work of man but your hands at work in all we deem.’

This year in July 2016, Jesus Youth Delhi has completed 12 Years of Perpetual Adoration at the JY House located in Gautam Nagar, Delhi. Today as the JY family stands united in gratitude, raising our hands and hearts in thanks; it is amazing to look back at the journey of these 12 years. A clear reflection of how God can turn your smallest efforts into magnanimous blessing for many generations.

Humble Beginnings... a small step that started a journey and now a revolution of Love.

In the words of Mr.Antony Job (Previous JY National Coordinator)- “Perpetual Adoration started as an intercession and preparation for the two major events -`Revival ' Youth Conference and Rexband concert. We approached Archbishop Vincent and His Grace requested us to get the consent of the Parish Priest, Fr. Augustine Kuriapally. He had given the consent and warned us on the precautions we should take. He used to visit the JY house on a regular basis during the initial days, even paying a surprise visit at odd timings in the night like 10 pm. Later, the service team decided to extent it for one more year, as part of the Eucharistic Year declared by the Church after consultation with the Archbishop and Parish Priest who agreed to it. Fr. Ignatius (Now the Bishop of Shimla and Chandigarh Diocese) was the DST Chairman then and Cyril John was appointed the person responsible for JY from DST. Fr Ignatius was constantly giving advice on the precautions we had to take and how we should approach it with high reverence. Tomy Thomas as the co-ordinator played a great role in initiating this beautiful act of blessing and making everyone believes that we could continue it for three months. He made a lot of effort in arranging the materials for the Chapel, designing the chapel with the help of Ashish Rozario. Subsequently, proper guidelines for the house were formulated by the service team, clear norms and decorum for those in the Chapel and also for those staying in the JY house."

Indeed three months seemed difficult to the people involved in those early days, keeping the adoration open 24*7, ensuring there were people at the house 24*7 seemed like a challenging task. However, history had begun its course in those three months which slowly went on to be an year and today it’s been a journey of 12 long years. As we look back in nostalgia today, who can even imagine the graces and blessings that have been showered on Jesus Youth Delhi, on Delhi, on youngsters from across the world who somehow ended up here… and through individuals who fell in love with Christ right here, and are now spreading the fire of his love throughout the whole world? Tremendous right?. Yes! Its absolute awe-inspiring stuff but then for an outsider looking at this little chapel, it seems rather hidden –seems maybe to be insignificant in the larger community, it doesn’t have a lot written about it in the newspapers, commands little attention in the worldly sense of attention and that’s the whole beauty of this silent love that captures you and then enraptures you in its light. The glory of the Eucharist and the humility of the Eucharist, the power of the Eucharist, and the vulnerability of the small, thin Host: the Eucharist always seems such a paradox. And even with all the catholic life of our city, we well understand we need more Adorers to make certain that every hour of every day will have enough people so that Adoration here remains possible and strong. We rest assured however as God always provides for his house.

The intention book kept near the centre of the chapel is always a deep reminder of the very humility and love of God in His Body exposed on that Altar, through which marriages have been strengthened, vocations have been discerned and restored, joy has been given, hope poured out – and most especially the promise of God fulfilled, “I will be with you always…”

Indeed, He is always with us, even in the silence and the sounds…the glory and the downfall. The Perpetual Adoration at JY House in Delhi likewise is always a silent blessing that continues to strengthen our relationship with Lord, our relations with our friends and foes. He moves in us , with us….in the most silent times. No pompous banquets or celebrations are needed for him, just you and your heart.

Today as we remember and thank God all those unsung heroes who made this chapel possible. All the people who were present in the beginning and the journey onwards of these 12 yrs. Perhaps no one remembers them anymore, or even realizes that Adoration in this chapel would never have been possible without them but he knows. Nothing is a coincidence for God, who in His extreme mercy, knew then, the long journey that he had charted for this beautiful place. We thank Lord for using them to bring Jesus amidst us, for these 12 yrs of Adoration and we ask you to pray for us as we continue as this place continues its journey forward…

“May this your house be the source of Your Fiery Love to consume the face of the earth O Lord. May Adoration here never cease!”

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